4th of July Parade Wands

Hey everyone!! Sorry we have been so MIA lately, we have been so busy gearing up for our Fall launch over at Lulu Roo that our blog has been a little neglected. Today we’re sharing a fun fourth of July craft that we did recently at our Pottery Barn  pop up shop collaboration. Let me tell you.. the kids LOVED doing this craft and it is extremely simple and easy. These wands are so fun for waving at parades of carnivals and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages.


Supplies needed:

Festive ribbon: We liked using different widths and textures

Wooden dowels: We used size 1/4″ x 9″

Glue: For attaching stars, we used hot glue

Stars: We used sparkly stars, foam self adhesive stars can also be used


We started by helping the kids glue the stars to the dowels (and by helping I mean we did it because we used hot glue). Regular craft glue could also be used your kids want in on this step. After the glue dried we attached our ribbons at the top below the stars. We really liked using different textures for the ribbons to add dimension that we found at our local craft store and mixing the gold and silver colors in. We finished by cutting the strings to our desired length, we liked keeping them long to add to the wand effect. We found everything we needed at our local craft store Hobby Lobby.


That’s it! Easy and simple but the kids LOVED them. I can’t wait to pair these with our 4th of July outfits. We saved some to hand out and wave at the parade coming up next week. We’ll definitely be keeping this craft as a tradition for years to come!





We hope you enjoyed this post, happy 4th everyone!!







DIY Lemonade Stand Instructions

This Lemonade Stand was such a fun project! You can see our lemonade photo shoot we did in a previous post HERE. We also have other fun ways to use the stand and will be sharing some of those in future posts, but for now we will just give you an idea on how we made and designed the stand. I am not a handy woman so I had to call on my cute dad to help with this project. Luckily he will do anything for his grandkids.

These instructions are not perfect and you may need to make some adjustments to make it work for you, but this will give you the overall idea on how it was made and assembled. I am just so excited for the kids to use it all summer long for selling lemonade and other fun activities.


  • Miter saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Nail gun


  •  #9 -1″x 2″x 8′ furring strips
  • #7- 1″x 4″x 8′ pine boards
  • #10 Wing nuts
  • #10 Carriage Bolts
  • #16 Wood screws
  • #5 Steel angle
  • #20 Hex-head wood screw
  • Paint
  • #6 20D nails
  • Ikea table top (HERE)
  • slide

    Miter Saw

  • slide

    Measuring tape

  • slide


  • slide


  • slide

    Wood Screws

  • slide

    1in. X 2in. x 8 ft Furring Strip

  • slide

    1in. X 4in. X 8ft Pine

  • slide

    Wing Nut

  • slide

    Carriage bolt

  • slide

  • slide

  • slide

    White paint

  • slide

    Paint Brush

  • slide

Measure and mark your cuts using the cut list below.

On the seven 1 x 4 x 8′ pine boards:

  •  Twenty slats: 1 x 4 x 32″  Labeled (I) in diagram and images.

On the nine 1 x 2 x 8′ boards:

  • Four vertical canopy supports: 1 x 2 x 48″ Labeled (A) in diagram.
  • Two top canopy short sides: 1 x 2 x 25 7/8″ Labeled (B) in diagram.
  • Two top canopy long sides: 1 x 2 x 40 1/4″ Labeled (C) in diagram.
  • One top canopy center support: 1 x 2 x 38 1/2″ Labeled (D) in diagram.
  • One back table support: 1 x 2 x 39 1/4″ with 1″ notch on ends Labeled (E) in diagram.
  • Eight side panel slat supports: 1 x 2 x 23 5/8″ Labeled (F) in diagram.
  • Three front panel slat supports: 1 x 2 x 38 5/8″ Labeled (G) in diagram.
  • One Top front panel slat support: 1 x 2 39 5/8″ Labeled (H) in diagram.

Start your assembly by building the front panel.

  • Lay out ten of your 1 x 4 x 32″ vertical slats (I)
  • Attach 3 of your 1 x 4 x 38 5/8″ horizontal (G) boards from bottom up using a nail gun
  • Attach your 1 x 4 x 39 5/8″ (H)  horizontal board on the top. You will need to drill a small hole 1/2″ in on both ends of this board so you can put a pin (20 penny nail) in to attach your front and side panels together. (This is what your table top will set on).

Next build the 2 side panels

  • Lay out 5 slats for each panel
  • Attach 3 of your 1 x 4 x 38 5/8″ horizontal (F) boards from bottom up using your nail gun. You will need these to over hang about 1″ on one side. Make sure your side panels mirror each other.
  • Attach your 4th (F) board to the top but make sure it rests just under the (H) piece on the Front panel and drill hole in your (F) board to line up with the hole in (H) board about 1/2″ in from end to connect the panels together.

Next build the canopy top

  • In your (B) boards drill holes every 3″ inches from both ends. These holes will be used to attach your top to your side supports.
  • Lay out boards your 2 (B) boards and 2 (C) boards to create a rectangle with your (D) board in the center for support. Use your L brackets and hex screws in the inside corners to attach the pieces together. And screw your (D) board in the center.


Drill holes in the canopy side bars. To attach these to the base you will just decide where you want them placed on the side panels and drill 2 holes in side panel that line up with the holes in the side support. Then use a bold and wing nut to attach.

Build back support

Now it is time to Paint. Sand all your pieces and add a couple coats of white paint.

Once your paint dried you are ready to assemble your lemonade stand. This stand is made to fully collapse for easy storage. The canopy is adjustable so you can use it multiple ways. Use the guide below for assembly, but you can also play around with the assembly for different uses. We will be sharing some other ideas and uses in future posts.

  1. Line up one of the side panels with the front panel resting the horizontal supports so they rest on each other.
  2. Using a nail, pin the pieces in place.
  3.  Pin the other side panel into place.
  4. Place back top support in place and use nails to pin in place.
  5. Attach side canopy supports using bolts. You will want to drill holes in the side of your stand so you can attach theses supports where you want them.
  6. Use wing nuts to secure.
  7. Use bolts and wing nuts to attach the canopy top.
  8. Insert table top. (We used a desktop from Ikea you can find HERE).

Now you have a cute multi purpose stand you can use for so many different things. The best part is you can take it all apart and store without taking up a ton of space.



Liam’s Airplane 3rd Birthday


Today is my boy Liam’s 3rd birthday! This is a happy/sad day for me because he has grown up so fast and I absolutely love having a 2 year old, if I could keep him two forever I definitely would! He has a serious obsession with airplanes, I can’t even explain how cute it is when he squeals in excitement when he hears one flying nearby. I never want to forget how much he loves them so I thought an airplane themed party would be absolutely fitting for him! We started with lots of white (3 different shaded) balloons that I ordered from Amazon and had my husband blow up with an air compressor (what a time saver)! I strung them from my chandelier to create a cloud appearance, since my chandelier is big I needed a LOT of them! We also made his name a few days before out of skinny white balloons, since his name is short it was fairly easy to do. Most of the airplane items I already had on hand that I pulled from his room so the decorating was fairly easy, the airplane decals are from Urban Walls and really finished off the look. The kids also loved the airplane googles found here. I aways order my invitations from Minted, they make it so dang easy and keep all my addresses on file. I ordered the cake locally from a place called Dippidee and the adorable cookies from Etsy. It was a great day so we had a waterslide in the backyard where the kids played their hearts out! The kids ate lunch, had popsicles, cookies and loads of snacks. Except for one minor peeing on the slide incident… (cough, my child)… the party went off without a hitch! I’ve linked all other sources at the end of the post but any other questions feel free to email me!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



Shop Liam’s Party Here

Diaper bag must haves

It will be about five years since I have had a newborn so I feel like I am starting all over and I am quickly remembering how much newborns need. Luckily I have some pretty awesome mommy friends that can give me some tips and tricks to the modern day newborn must haves. I must admit going from boys to a girl I am really getting into all things girly and pink and it is so much fun.

I decided to start on some diaper bag essentials.  I am not a big bag or purse person, in fact I usually try to carry as little as possible and I don’t need much with a 8 and 4 year old.  Now I am trying to put together a diaper bag where I will have quality essentials at hand, yet still keep things pretty simple.  Here is a few things I have gotten so far. I know there will probably need to be more added in the future but I love all these products and feel I am headed in the right direction.

  1. Nursing/Car seat cover from Covered Goods. I am so excited about these! When I had my boys they didn’t have anything like this that I knew of. I feel like I was having a constant fight with a blanket for feeding or covering the carseat. This 4 in one nursing cover does it all and is amazing. If you haven’t seen these make sure to check them out. I can’t wait to use mine.
  2. Water – Hydration is key!
  3. Lulu and Roo Sleeper For an extra change of clothes. I am in love with this sleeper especially how easy they are to take off and on for when you are out and about. I am pretty sure I will have one in my bag at all times.
  4. Wipes– Of course you can’t leave the house without them.
  5.  I can’t even stand how cute these bibs are from Billy bibs. I die!!!
  6. Cozy toy- both my boys did better when they had a friend to snuggle in their car seat and I just love these cute and cuddly friends from Blabla Kids
  7. Pacifier and pacifier clip- I feel like this is another must have. Ryan and Rose have so many cute clip  options.
  8. Diapers– I just lose it when I see newborn diapers. Ahhh!!! So damn cute and small!
  9. Cute bows- Because she is my baby girl and she needs lots of bows.
  10. Bottles– Have you guys ever tried glass bottles? I am super excited to try these out from Natursutten I have heard a lot of good things about them and I love their brand.
  11. Teether– I love that this cute ice-cream teether from Loulou Lollipop has a clip so it won’t get lost.
  12. Another cute teether from Loulou Lollipop
  13. Note books– because I need to write things down so I don’t lose my mind (I mean lose what I have left) I got these extra cute ones at Paper Crush.
  14. Sun screen/lotion– Something that I always forget is to sunscreen the family. I just need to cary this around so I always have protection for my family from the sun. I love Aveeno because it is so moisturizing I can double it as lotion and sunscreen, and it is safe for baby which is a plus.
  15. Super soft and stretchy blanket from Lulu and Roo. why? Because it is the best blanket ever! This is also something that will be in my bag at all times.
  16.  And of course a totesavvy  with lots of pockets to keep everything organized and easy to get to.


Shop this post here.

Let me know what I am missing or what your must have diaper bag items are in the comments below. I would love to hear what your favorite products are that you can’t go without.



src=”http://simplystitchedblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Diaper-bag-must-haves.jpg” alt=”” width=”2419″ height=”3426″ />

Blush Bridal Shower

Last weekend I had the honor of hosting my adorable nieces bridal shower. I can not believe she is getting married (seriously, am I really that old?! lol ) When she told me the colors of her wedding I was so excited to incorporate them into her shower. She chose blush, green, gold and white with a rustic feel. I decided to mix in rose gold as well as gold to give it that special touch. I love mixing metals!

The wood backdrop is made from old barn wood and totally made a huge impact on the look and feel of the shower. I am a fan of decor with many purposes. A lot of the decor and items we used came from inside my home. If you are wanting to put something similar together for an event I would suggest a few larger statement pieces to really make it stand out and complete the look.

Let’s talk cake for a minute. If you know me, you know I am no Betty Crocker. I decided to have a local bakery bake cake rounds for me. I then used buttercream icing in-between the cake rounds. The nice thing about naked cakes is that they do not need to be perfect. After layering the cake with icing all you need to do is grab a spatula,  smooth the outside of the layers, top with decor of your choice and whalla!

For the main decor of the shower I kept it simple. I did a lot of greenery and florals all around. Adding those in everywhere really made everything else pop. As for the center pieces, we used mason jars filled with lemon slices and babies breath. If you attempt this just make sure to put a smaller clear cup inside of the mason jar first, arrange the lemon slices around the clear cup then add water. If you do not use a cup to arrange them around they will float to the top. These center pieces gave it the perfect summer feel.

We did cute little recipe cards for all of the guests to write down their favorite recipes and share them with the bride to be. Perfect for newly weds! For the party favors I included mini eyeshadows and nail polishes all coordinating colors of the shower.

I could not be more happy with how everything turned out and am so excited for my niece to get married next week!

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Ella’s Room

Today I’m revealing my daughter Ella’s room. When we built our home a few years ago I knew her room would be my favorite to decorate, I love how the roof lines turned out in her room which created SO much character. I saw this wallpaper from Anthropologie and I knew immediately that I had to have it! Luckily the wallpaper was easy to work with and only took a few hours for two people to install. It set the tone for the entire room and I felt that just doing one wall of it was just enough to keep it from being too busy. I wanted something that she wouldn’t grow out of too quickly and that I could change up a bit as she grew. We added small details around the room including the things that she loves most with touches of unicorns and gold.

Her room is her happiest place to be and the easiest way for her to get away from her little brother for some alone time so I didn’t want too much distraction. Her dresser was a garage sale find that was painted to match her bed and we added gold knobs that we found at Hobby Lobby. The three clay flowers above her bed were found locally from a place called Four Chairs Furniture, I had a hard time finding similar ones online. Her chair is also a garage sale find that my mother in law recovered that was in her nursery. Her bed is from Pottery Barn, decorative pillows are from Home Goods. Her two night stands are from Ikea and I swapped out the knobs from Hobby Lobby. Her lamps are also from Hobby Lobby to tie in the brighter green that is in the wallpaper.



I’ve linked everything I could find in the carousel below, please let me know if you need any help locating anything you don’t see and have a great weekend!!!

Mothers Day Gift Picks

Here are some of our picks for the perfect Mothers Day gifts. We may or may not have to get some for ourselves! If you are like us you may just want to send some hints to your significant other or just send them this inspiration board because we LOVE everything on here.


Thank you for stopping by and we hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day!

The Lulu and Roo Team

Mothers Day Card DIY

Mothers Day is this week and we put together this quick DIY card for the kids to make for Grandmas and Moms. I always have the intention of the kids making something cute for grandma on Mothers Day and then time gets the best of me and I never get around to it. So we put together this SUPER easy card idea that can be done in less than an hour with items you already have on hand.  You can even be like me start at 10pm the night before Mother’s Day…. seriously not even joking.

1. Print off the free flower printable (You can download HERE!)  on different colors of cardstock or paper.

2. Cut out flowers. You don’t need to cut all of them just enough in different colors to decorate your card. I also traced some of the flowers on tissue paper and cut them out for some different texture. I then rolled some of the tissue into little balls for the flower centers.

3. You can decorate a plain piece of cardstock or have your kids write a message on the card and decorate around it, or you can print our card out HERE.

4. After you have all the pieces you want cut out grab some glue and let the kids go to town decorating their cards.


These fun and easy cards are a breeze and you will have a beautiful hand made gift for the special moms in your life. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Mother’s Day!

Download Printables Here


Nena and Co. Momtrepreneur Ali and her mission


A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to meet Ali, founder and successful business owner of Nena & Co in her beautiful home. She is the mother of 3 adorable triplets who absolutely stole our hearts! What fascinated us most about Ali and her company was the mission behind her brand and her mission to give back. We asked her a few questions that we HAD to know about her and where she started.

A little about the company-

Alejandra Hynek created Nena & Co. in 2013 to bring some of her Guatemalan culture to your colorful lifestyle. In Spanish, nena means “baby girl” or “darling”. But it’s also Alejandra’s nickname. As a nena, Alejandra was taught her Guatemalan culture by her mom and abuela (grandmother). Guatemala (Guate) quickly became a magical place for Alejandra as she learned all she could about her heritage of the lush, green country. She learned how to cook all kinds of ethnic foods like tortillas, black beans, and arroz con leche (rice pudding). She also learned how to make dozens of Guate handicrafts like piñatas out of traditional patterns. After years of learning about her culture, Alejandra had a brilliant idea. She realized that Guatemala’s colorful fabrics had more to offer than she could have ever imagined. Combining her love for design with her Maya roots, Alejandra created Nena & Co., the one-of-a-kind artisan handbag company.

Today, Mayans still wear these patterns/designs on their hand-loomed huipiles (shirts) and cortes (skirts), continuing a tradition that has been passed down for centuries; however, Alejandra and her Nena & Co. artisans have modernized these works of art into handmade artisan bags and other fashionable accessories. Every product is beautifully hand- loomed and one-of-a-kind, which means that you can always find the perfect bag just for you to take on your next adventure.

“I fell in love with these textiles as a young girl and never stopped loving them. They are a true reflection of the Maya culture with patterns/designs that have tested the sands of time.” – Alejandra Hynek

 Above photos by Becky Kimball 

How she juggles work and life at home –

Being business owners ourselves we wanted to get some insight on how Ally strives for balance between family and work, especially with triplets.

“Striving for balance is an everyday thing for me. It doesn’t come easy and as a mom there is always guilt if I feel like I’m not figuring out how to make time for everything. But the most important thing for me is to be with my babies when they are awake and need me. I don’t want to miss a thing they do, especially right now when they are changing so much! So babies and family comes first and then business.”


Tip for entrepreneurs from Ali-

One of our top questions we had to ask was any tips for other entrepreneurs since she has been successful in her business in just a short amount of time.

Starting a new company is a lot of work so I’d say make sure you love what you are getting yourself into. Cause even then, there will be times when you want to quit. It’s important to know who you’re biggest supporters are so that you can lean on them for that positive boost that you need from time to time. It’s also good to know when to start hiring people. Sometimes when you keep yourself busy with things that aren’t your strengths, it takes away from the things you are actually good at. I personally need to focus on creative and so I try and hire really great people to help me in with other areas where my time and energy is wasted. There are so many good talented people out there but sometimes they are hard to find. Waiting for the right person is well worth it.


Ali is truly and inspiration to us and learning about her company and her mission behind it made us fall in love with her even more! Make sure you enter our HUGE giveaway with over $2,500 in prizes going on now here. You can follow along her personal feed here as well as Nena and Co here.


We want to again thank Ali and her Nena & Co for this fun collaboration!


An Afternoon With Nothing Down About It

We got the opportunity to hang out with our friend Oakley and her kids from Nothing Down About It for an afternoon of fun and photos in their newly built home. Let me tell you there is truly nothing down about this family. We absolutely love them! Nothing Down About It  is a blog that was started by mom Oakley to document her family and their experiences with her son Welles who was born with an extra chromosome. She created her blog to reach out to other mothers with children with special needs to create a community of love and support.

As we started our journey with our own blog we wanted to make sure that we shared stories and inspiration from people that we admire and this family was at the top of our list. The love and energy of between these three siblings Scarlet, Welles and Aimes would tug at anyones heart strings, their mom Oakley is one amazing momma. It was a pleasure to spend an afternoon in their home and get to know them all a little better.

We asked Oakley to share a little about her family with a little Q&A

Q: Tell us a little about your family and your everyday life.

A: Our every day life is filled with chaos. It a lot of dirty diapers, wrestling kids, making messes, cleaning messes, dance parties (Welles’ favorite daily activity) and running kids around. Having all three so close in age makes for a lot of commotion.

Q: Your blog is inspiring to so many. What made you decide to be an advocate for Downs Syndrome and share your experience?

A: I knew very early on that Welles and I were meant for each other. I really felt like we had some sort of a deal in heaven… he would come and bless our family and I would be his mouthpiece and cheerleader. I felt like we were a perfect match and I promised him, as I held him in the NICU, that I would be his advocate. I will fight to the ends of the earth to share his goodness with the world. People have crazy misconceptions about Down syndrome and I want to help people see how beautiful this diagnosis really is.

Q: Tell us about the special bond and relationship your kids have.

A: Scarlett, Welles and Ames are such a perfect trio. I can’t even imagine them not having each other because the rely on one another all day long. Scarlett is constantly hovering and protecting them. She’ll rush into the other room to tell me what they’re eating and make sure it’s okay. Welles gives love to whichever sibling needs it at the moment. If it’s a hard day for Scarlett, he’ll go lay on her lap and give her kisses. Ames is the best little caboose. He follows them around laughing at their every move making them feel like rock stars. They all have an incredibly special connection that I think is unique and beautiful.

Q: We recently learned how you came up with the name Welles can you tell us a little about that?

A: Welles was born on 9/11. While we were staying at the hospital, stumped on a name, my sister texted us a story on ESPN called “The man in the red bandana”. It was about a man named Welles Crowther who saved many people from the twin towers. His story was touching and heroic. We thought it was perfect for our own little hero boy.

Q: Tell us a little bit how you came up with your blog Nothing Down About It and what it means to you.

A: One day when I was considering doing a blog, that phrase kept popping up in my head, over and over. So I searched Instagram to see if it had been taken. To my surprise (thinking it was so catchy), it was open. So I got the IG account and bought the domain for my blog. It just sums it all up for me. There is nothing down about my son or other individuals with Down syndrome. In fact, we like to call it “Up syndrome” in our family!


We truly cannot say enough good things about this adorable family. Be sure to check out her blog to learn more!


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