Easter Nest Craft

The first day of spring is quickly approaching which means Easter is just around the corner! We are kicking off the season with this darling kid friendly easter craft. These little easter nests are so easy to make and turned out SO cute. They are perfect easter decorations or centerpieces, we have another great use for them that we will show you in a future post so stay tuned.

First off you will need the following supplies:

Extra large eggs: (We used a mixture of brown and white).

Nests: You can get theses at a local craft store, ours are from Michelas and we got a few small and a medium sizes.

Succulents:  You will need small ones that will fit inside the eggs and a few medium size ones to fill in the sides of the nest. We got a veritey of plants we found locally to give good color and texture.

Moss: We went with a bright green moss to give the nests a little pop but you could go with any kind or even mix a few together. You can find this at a craft store or at your local nursery.

Dirt: We got some Cactus soil that works well for succulents but you could use regular potting soil as well.

We also added some plastic eggs that we got at the craft store for more color.

First you will have to dye the eggs if you want the shells to have some color, you can do this with any egg coloring kit (try dying the brown eggs and you will get deep muted colors that turn out beautiful). Don’t boil the eggs or else it will be impossible to get the egg out without completely cracking them. Give the eggs at least an hour to dry before cracking them open so the color does not wear/rub off. We carefully cracked the top of the egg just enough to get the yolk out, make sure you rinse and clean out the inside of the eggs well so they don’t end up stinking.

Next make sure you let the eggs dry completely before you pop in your succulents. This is also something the older kids can help out with. The shells are delicate so younger kids might end up breaking the shells without handling them extra carefully. There is not much more to it, you just transfer the succulent from the pot to the shell making sure you get all the roots in first so they are at the bottom and then fill in around the top with extra dirt.

After your eggs are done you can start making your nests. Just fill the nest with dirt then add an arrangement of other plants. Place moss on the top and add in your succulent eggs with some of the plastic eggs for variation. The kids absolutely loved helping us out with this part. Before you know it you will have beautiful easter nests with just about a million uses, I think I could have one of these in every room of my house!



We just love the way this little craft turned out. After trying out this craft weeks ago our succulents are still doing well and look absolutely beautiful. The kids have had a lot of fun taking care of their nests too. Succulents are surprisingly very easy to take care of with little maintenance. They require direct sunlight and only light watering a few times a month. We can’t wait to show you another great use for these little beauties in a future post!


Happy Spring Everyone!


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