First Time Mommy Must-Have’s by @alexisjadekaiser

Hi! My name is Alexis Kaiser, I’m a lifestyle blogger at and @alexisjadekaiser on Instagram! I became a first time mommy on July 9th of this year to my sweet little girl Billie Stone Kaiser. She’s brought so much love and light to our lives and I’m stoked to share with you what my first time mommy must-have’s are (post baby)! Hopefully this can help out some of you future mommy’s to be or new mommy’s!

1 – First and foremost, a MamaRoo. It costs a pretty penny for a reason! I honestly don’t know what we’d do without ours. It was soo helpful when Billie first came home and she still loves it. Sometimes you just need a break (and that’s OK) and a MamaRoo is the closest thing (in my opinion) to being cuddled and swayed in mama’s arms. And I love that you can sit it up pretty high. Our little Bill had pretty bad reflux when she was little and hated lying down after eating so the adjustable seat made a big difference.


2 – Baby sling! I’ve been baby wearing Billie since the day she came home from the hospital. And trust me it’s hard to get use to and definitely takes some practice but I LOVE baby wearing and now that we’ve figured it out, so does Billie. It keeps her close and calm and gives me two hands to do what I wish! I have really loved slings, they’re super high quality, have rich amazing colors and don’t stretch when you’re wearing them too much.


3 – Dock-A-Tot. We’ve loved our Dock-A-Tot. We used it sooo much when Billie first came home and we wanted her to have a safe place to co-sleep with us. We love it for naps too, and it makes vacationing and traveling a whole lot easier when you take it because she’s used to it! We just brought ours on our last trip and it came in so handy! Plus it’s carry on size so it’s a win win!


4 – Parasol Diapers. We absolutely love Parasol diapers. They are a subscription service diaper company. They’re super breathable, have a great fit, and latex free. Their wipes are amazing too. Billie is so sensitive to wipes and gets irritated very easily, she’s never had a reaction to their wipes. And I love that they are double lined walls, we’ve never had a poop blow out after switching to parasol! We were using huggies before and that happened all too often. Ugh!


5 – Spotify. Sounds silly but Spotify has so many baby friendly playlists. We currently listen to Rainforest Music: Nature’s Lullabies for naps and as soon as I start playing it Billie immediately gets tired and knows it’s nap time. They also have some really good white noise playlists if you want to go that route!

6 – For breastfeeding mamas… Frankincense, Lavender and Sunflower Lecithin. Literally this combo is the BEST ever for helping reduce and heal clogged ducts. I got mastitis the day my milk came in, and I really didn’t want to take an antibiotic because I’m so sensitive to them, so I used this combo (plus a whole bunch of other craziness) and cured my mastitis in 4 days! I did a ton of research to see what I could do to help prevent clogged ducts all the time and so many women recommended Sunflower Lecithin. I just ordered mine off Amazon and take it daily to help prevent any clogs. Ever since I’ve been doing that, if I do get a clog, I rub it out by applying Frankincense and Lavender and it always comes out within 24 hours. And a clogged duct was what caused my mastitis the first time, so I never want to have one sit long enough to get that again, WORST THING EVER.


7- Nursing Pillow. Although I don’t use this much now that I’ve got the hang of nursing… It was a huge help at first when I had no idea what the heck I was doing! I also had like zero strength after having Billie so the arm support was sooo nice. I got mine from target and it was the Ergo Baby natural curve nursing pillow and I really liked it because it was a firm memory foam as opposed to a floppy pillow. It provided a ton of support and helped get the job done!


8 – A diaper bag you love. I think it’s important to love your diaper bag and have it be practical at the same time. It becomes your new purse and you have to fill it full everytime you go out so I think it’s super important to love it! I’ve been using the Fawn Design bag and really love it. It’s cute, minimal and practical and has tons of storage and I love that it can be a crossbody or backpack. It’s also vegan leather so it cleans up really nicely.

9 – Carseat cover. If you’re anything like me, and a germaphobe you want your baby covered at all times when she’s teeney tiny to help prevent as many germs as possible. Of course using it safely and in the appropriate conditions 🙂 I really love the Little Unicorn Official cotton muslin car seat canopy’s because they’re super breathable, easy to put on and have magnets on the front (genius) so you can peep on your baby easily and whenever and don’t have to worry about putting the entire thing on and off. I also love the Milk Snob duo carseat covers. I use mine mostly for breastfeeding and I love how soft and stretchy it is. It covers good but is breathable for those hot summer months.


10 – Swaddles, swaddles, swaddles. My mom thought I was crazy for buying as many swaddles as I did but I’m so glad I did! They’re so nice to use at all times and all places. I always keep and extra one in my diaper bag and I always have one in the carseat with Billie as well. They can be used as spit up cloths too on the fly, a nursing cover, or to comfort you baby. So many options.


Anyways, I literally could bore you for an entire year about all the things I’ve loved having as a mama, but I’ll leave it at that! I know there are so many other amazing products out there but this is what my little family has loved! If you want to connect with me, check out my Instagram @alexisjadekaiser to follow along this crazy new journey of mine. Good luck to any future mama’s and to all other mama’s YOU’RE DOING AMAZING, keep it up. So much respect for mama’s now that I have my own little. They’re so much work but SOOO amazing. The love you feel is truly indescribable. Love & light! xx


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