Liam’s Airplane 3rd Birthday


Today is my boy Liam’s 3rd birthday! This is a happy/sad day for me because he has grown up so fast and I absolutely love having a 2 year old, if I could keep him two forever I definitely would! He has a serious obsession with airplanes, I can’t even explain how cute it is when he squeals in excitement when he hears one flying nearby. I never want to forget how much he loves them so I thought an airplane themed party would be absolutely fitting for him! We started with lots of white (3 different shaded) balloons that I ordered from Amazon and had my husband blow up with an air compressor (what a time saver)! I strung them from my chandelier to create a cloud appearance, since my chandelier is big I needed a LOT of them! We also made his name a few days before out of skinny white balloons, since his name is short it was fairly easy to do. Most of the airplane items I already had on hand that I pulled from his room so the decorating was fairly easy, the airplane decals are from Urban Walls and really finished off the look. The kids also loved the airplane googles found here. I aways order my invitations from Minted, they make it so dang easy and keep all my addresses on file. I ordered the cake locally from a place called Dippidee and the adorable cookies from Etsy. It was a great day so we had a waterslide in the backyard where the kids played their hearts out! The kids ate lunch, had popsicles, cookies and loads of snacks. Except for one minor peeing on the slide incident… (cough, my child)… the party went off without a hitch! I’ve linked all other sources at the end of the post but any other questions feel free to email me!


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!



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