I’m so excited to share some of my favorite makeup items in my bag right now. For me makeup is much needed even if it is a quick 5 minute job in the morning, I rarely leave the house without it, especially now entering my 30’s… EEK!  These are some makeup products that I usually use everyday and I feel stay on really well between the craziness of everyday life … not to mention a two year old, need I say more? I don’t have a lot of time in the mornings as I am usually rushing to get my first grader off to school and my 2 year old dressed so I usually spend 5-10 minutes on my makeup tops. It may just be me but I feel that a good make-up bag is essential! Especially when it’s as cute as this one from Ted Baker. I love how easy both the inside and outside is to clean out because mine always ends up a mess when something gets spilled. With this one I can easily wipe everything down with a makeup wipe when I am on the go without it getting ruined, it’s definitely a must have!


A good tip that I learned from a makeup artist is to start with the eyes. I used to always start with my foundation but when you start with your eyes you can easily wipe off any excess product without ruining your foundation. This is a major time saver for me if I do my eye makeup first because it is usually the thing that I mess up first, especially my eyeliner. I love this eyeshadow kit from Tart the colors are very neutral and the shadows are highly pigmented. I feel like they last on my eyes better. Day to day I typically don’t use an eye primer but if it is for night time I defintiely will. I have eyelash extensions so I only use this Lancome mascara on my bottom lashes which is great because this one tube will usually last me a loooong time. I also love this super slim liquid eyeliner from Loreal because the tip is very fine and it seems to last a long time without smudging. –Also I have recently started using Maskcara products which I have loved but have decided to do a separate post about this so stay tuned!!


My brows are pretty much nothing if I don’t pencil them in. I have had mine micro bladed which I love but they still need a little help with darkening my very light eyebrows. This kit from Anastasia is my absolute favorite. It comes with two tones of powder, a double sided brush and clear gel to hold everything in place at the end, it really has everything you need. I also love this benefit cosmetics fine pencil because you can easily mimic hair strokes for a more natural look. I very much regret over plucking back in my teenage years (don’t we all) but these two purchases have definitely helped me out.


I always use a moisturizer and then a primer after. My face gets very dry, especially in the winter. This primer from Lancome has turned into one of my favorites and helps my foundation stay put all day long. My very favorite foundation is this Lancome tent idol ultra 24. For me nothing has ever come close to this foundation every time I have tried out something new. I have been using it now for a few years and I still love how it goes on my skin and how well it stays put. I apply it after my primer with my silicone bubble blender. I love this bubble blender because it is very easy to clean and sanitary, it also doesn’t waste any product, YAY! I then use my double ended foundation brush from Maskcara to fill everything in on my face and if needed use some under eye concealer. I like to use my contour stick on the outsides of my face, under cheekbones and sides of my nose. I finish with setting powder from Becca. A trick with applying loose powder is to VERY lightly pat your powder with a brush to your skin to set your foundation instead of quickly stroking  it all in. This I feel has made a world of difference for me and helped my makeup to stay on longer instead of smearing my foundation. I end with some blush on my cheekbones (I smile while doing this)  and a little highlighter above my cheekbones. When i’m in a hurry the highlighter gets skipped and I rarely do this in the daytime, it’s usually just at night.

My favorite makeup applicators


Whippy  Cake Bubble Blender


Maskcara Beauty



I typically don’t wear much lipstick during the day but I find this Nars stick is the perfect bit of color without being too much for my lips. I love how it moisturizes my lips and how lightweight it is. At night my favorite lip is this saint Laurent. It gives the perfect amount of moisture and shine and I love the way it smells, I haven’t found a lip stick I have liked better. I hope you all like my top tips, are any of these your favorites too? If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them, I am always up for trying new things!

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