Simple Chore Charts For Kids

Now that my babies are not so much babies but KIDS I figured it was time to start implementing some chores and accountability. So we have started using a chore chart. I have high hopes that it will help with my sanity with less yelling, begging and pleading with them to get things done.

We are about two weeks in and I think our system it is starting to work. They earn balls/points when they are asked to do something or when they complete a chore. If they are bad or don’t complete their chores they get a ball taken away. They each have a jar and once their jar is full they get a prize. They are working together right now to get both of their jars full for a bigger prize. I told them I will absolutely in no way buy them a toy/prize unless their jar is full so don’t even ask. When they point out things in the store they want all I have to say “you can get that for yourself as soon as your jar is full.” I think it is working well so far but I would love to hear some tips and tricks to keep the momentum going.

I used glass jars that I found at Hobby Lobby to put earned balls in so they can see their progress. I got my felt balls on amazon HERE. Make sure you get enough that you can fill the jars. I also made sure that they weren’t too big so it would take them some time to fill them. One more thing I did was create a list of regular chores that they could do to earn balls at anytime. I just printed it and stuck it in a frame so they could see it and know exactly what to do.


Here are a few other chore charts I found that we might try later on if this one gets boring


 I love this simple DIY chart from Lemon Squeeze Home It is cute and easy to understand.

 This chart adult chore chart from Design Eat Repeat is awesome and can be used for kids as well.


This Chart form Modern Parents Messy Kids is perfect if you are trying to teach your kids money managing skills. It has printable and everything you need to get started.

I Love this idea from Over the Big Moon for when my kids get a bit older.







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