St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

I don’t know about you but we LOVE celebrating holidays at our house, especially my kids (they get so excited)! Every year on St Patricks day we have a tradition of doing a St. Patricks day breakfast which is super easy to do and so fun. I typically will make pancakes and scrambled eggs and just color them green with gel food coloring and add in some colorful fruit. I got these adorable ¬†cookies just at my local grocery store and topped the pancakes with some whipped cream (simple and easy). I usually serve this with some green milk (naughty leprechaun) and maple syrup drizzled over the top.


Usually our leprechaun forgets to flush and leaves behind a mess! Here we used some green colored frosting by stamping our hand in it and pressing it on the toilet (put your hand in a fist and use the pinky side to make it look like a foot). We made the four toes by dipping our finger in frosting and creating four dots above the foot.



We hope you enjoyed this fun and festive post, hopefully you gained some inspiration and ideas for St. Patricks Day! As always, leave any questions and input in the comments below.


Enjoy your day!

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